Iconic Dumbledore actor, Michael Gambon, passes away at the age of 82. Let's take a look back at his remarkable career

Michael Gambon, known for his diverse roles, appeared in over 150 TV and film credits, making him a true titan in the entertainment industry

Gambon's portrayal of Albus Dumbledore in the "Harry Potter" franchise left an indelible mark, but his talent extended far beyond the wizarding world

Gambon was equally adept at playing gangsters and villains, leaving audiences in awe of his multifaceted acting skills

With numerous BAFTA TV Awards and an Emmy nomination, Gambon's talent was celebrated both in the UK and internationally

Gambon's illustrious stage career included memorable performances in Shakespearean classics and works by playwrights like Harold Pinter and Alan Ayckbourn

The BBC once included Gambon on its list of the top 10 British character actors, a testament to his exceptional abilities

In 2015, Gambon retired from stage acting due to memory loss. He kept his private life mostly under wraps, but his impact on the world of entertainment remains undeniable

Gambon leaves behind a legacy of memorable characters and performances, and his influence on the world of acting will endure for generations to come

We bid farewell to Sir Michael Gambon, a remarkable actor whose talent enriched our lives and will continue to do so through the magic of cinema and theater