Chris Bianco : Bioghaphy, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth 2023

Arizona is the residence for American chef and restaurant proprietor Chris Bianco. He founded Bianco Food and Pizzeria Bianco. He moved to Italy to hone his pizza-making talents, which led to his success in the pizza-making skill.

 Chris Career

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Chris’s life changed when he moved to Phoenix and started a pizza business supplying mozzarella cheese. They got a chance to learn about catering operations before attempting to make pizza in the Wood Pizza Oven. Cosco, a catering event attendant, saw him making pizzas in a wood oven and gave him a small space in the corner of his shop to sell and make pizzas. He began selling margheritas, marinara and a unique pizza to customers at the corner grocery store. His pizza soon became famous throughout the city. Then, in 1988, he got the idea to hone his pizza-making skills to turn it into a full-time job with a good salary.

Chris Bianco then worked tirelessly to save money to move to Italy and hone his pizza-making skills. Eventually, he went to Italy for six months of study. When he returned to the United States, he settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico and worked in an Italian restaurant for three years. He returned back to Phoenix in 1994, and later launched his own pizzeria Bianco  in the Town & Country Shopping Center mall.

Following the success of Pizzeria Bianco, he founded Bar Bianco in 1997. Then he continued to be successful in his work. In 2003, he received the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef Southwest. Then, in 2005, he founded a new company called Pan Bianco. About four kilometers from Pizzeria Bianco, on Central Avenue, is a lunch and sandwich shop. In 2010, his doctors advised  him the go-ahead to cease cooking due to his asthma. He had respiratory problems due to the oven and flour. The pizza making process is handled by Marco Bianco, Chris’s brother.

Chris Education

In the Bronx, New York City, Chris Bianco was born in 1960. He was raised in Ossining, New York. Chris had health problems during his childhood due to asthma. He wants to stay inside his house because of his asthma.

When he was at home, his aunt taught him cooking. When Chris Bianco was 13, he started his first job at a local pizzeria. He then decided to drop out of high school and started learning how to make pizza. He received training in mozzarella cheese production at Mike’s Deli in the Bronx.

Chris received two round-trip tickets to any location in the nation in 1985. Later he decided to travel to Phoenix. Chris Bianco decided to make it his permanent home because he loved the place so much. He first offered his homemade mozzarella for sale outside his home and later began offering it in nearby Italian restaurants.

Chris Bianco Wife and Son 

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Who is Chris Bianco’s wife? On March 2, 2013, Chris Bianco married Mia Bianco. He married when he was nearing the end of his 50 years of existence. Chris is currently a father of three children with Mia Bianco. Their eldest daughter, Nina Rose Bianco, was born on 10 April 2014. Their second child, Leo David Bianco, was born on 12 December 2015. On 29 September 2017, their younger daughter Eva Lena Bianco was born again. His wife Mia takes care of their three children as well as some of Chris’ restaurant business.

Chris Bianco Net Worth 2023

Due to the success and popularity of his restaurant, Pizzeria Bianco, as well as his published cookbooks and other business endeavors, Chris Bianco has an estimated net worth of around $20 million. His net worth has increased as a result of the various accolades and awards he has received for his creative endeavours.

Bianco is an entrepreneur and professional chef; His primary income source is his restaurant business. He is the most influential pizza maker in the world. There was a large source of income from his restaurant, which was consistently voted as the top pizza restaurant in the United States.

Chris Bianco Age 

How old is Chris Bianco? As of 2023, his age is approximately 60 years.

 Bianco Height

Chris Bianco has an average height of 5 feet 10 inch

Chris  Wieght

chris  Bianco wieght around 85 kg.

Chris Bianco Parents And Siblings

Chris Bianco’s parents are died before. His mother’s name is Francesco Bianco, and his father’s name is Leo Bianco. In past interviews, he mentioned how his mother used to love making him dessert every Tuesday.

His father was an accomplished still-life painter. Customers typically see a still life painting by his father that is hung over there as they enter his Tratto Restaurant through a door into a dimly lighted dining room. Chris expands his family by one brother as well. Marco Bianco is the name of his sibling.

Award And Achievement

Chris Bianco has won many honors. His work has made people laugh, so he has earned several degrees from world-class universities. Furthermore, he is very fortunate to have received praise from many high-ranking officials, including the President and Honorable Person of the Year, as a result, he receives notable honors from various high-ranking officials. It is so common in point of achievement that he achieved the best from the realm of mankind.

Everyone knows them to be happy with the modern times, wherever they are. Furthermore, Chris Bianco has won several prestigious accolades, which is a source of great pride for the businessman.

Final World

Chris Bianco is a well-known celebrity on the globe. It had taken a long time for him to reach to this point in the journey. He has made amazing contributions to the world’s citizens and the media. One must take a long, winding road to success before reaching the next level.

For those who adore him, he has evolved into a hero. He is not only a well-known celebrity, but also a kind man who has contributed significantly to society. Because of how well he has performed, he has become a role model for young people.


What is Chris Bianco’s net worth?

The  net worth of Chris Bianco approaches $20 million.

What awards has Chris Bianco won?

Chris Bianco has won numerous awards, including a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest. He has also been named one of the best chefs in the world.

What books has Chris Bianco written?

“Bianco: Pizza, Pasta, and Other Food I Like” and “Bianco: Pizza, Pasta, and Other Food I Love” are two books by Chris Bianco.

When did Chris Bianco open his restaurant?

In 1993, Chris Bianco opened his restaurant, Pizzeria Bianco.

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