Carlton Pearson: Wife & Worth 2023

Carlton Pearson is an American singer-songwriter and Christian minister. The senior preacher at Christ Universal Temple is well-known as Carlton Pearson. The Christian minister also has a sizable social media fan base.


Who is Carlton Pearson?

Carlton D’metrius Pearson is a gospel musician and American clergyman who was born on March 19, 1953. He became well-known as the pastor of the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center Incorporated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which later changed its name to the Higher Dimensions Family Church. His church experienced great success in the 1990s, drawing more than 6,000 people on average. However, the trajectory of his ministry underwent a profound change as a result of his theological views on universal reconciliation.

Carlton Pearson encountered difficulties inside the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops as a result of his beliefs regarding universal reconciliation, and his peers eventually branded him a heretic in 2004. Despite this, Pearson maintained his convictions and worked in a variety of capacities throughout his career. He was the senior pastor of the well-known New Thought congregation Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, Illinois, and afterwards got associated with the city’s newest Higher Dimensions association. He additionally served as an affiliate minister at the All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa.

Pearson had an impact outside of the established church. He was known for being one of the first black preachers to convene significant conferences in arenas and stadiums across the nation. He also held a nationally broadcast preaching program. He also contributed significantly to the support and promotion of other ministers and musicians, giving them access to a wider audience. Additionally, Pearson is a gospel singer who has been nominated for a Dove Award and won two Stellar Awards. Carlton Pearson has had a notable impact on both the gospel music scene and the world of ministry, despite the difficulties and changes in his spiritual path.


A Rising Star in the Church

As he grew older, Pearson’s passion for the church and his remarkable oratory skills set him on a path to becoming a preacher. He quickly gained recognition for his charismatic sermons and captivating delivery, earning him a reputation as a rising star within the COGIC community.

How much is the net worth of Carlton Pearson?

Carlton Pearson, the well-known clergyman, has unquestionably accumulated substantial riches over the course of his career. He also makes a living as a musician and novelist. At the moment, he is worth $16 million.

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Carlton Pearson Age

Carlton D’metrius Pearson, who was born on March 19, 1953, will turn 70 in 2023. He is a gospel musician and American clergyman who hails from San Diego, California, and has had a huge impact on the world. Pearson’s age reflects the knowledge and experience he has accumulated over the course of his journey, which has spanned several decades.

On March 19, 2023, Carlton Pearson turned 70 years old. Today, he is a respected figure in the fields of music and ministry. The depth of his contributions to the gospel music scene and the scope of his influence as a pastor are highlighted by his age. The spiritual and artistic landscapes that Pearson has touched have been significantly affected by his experiences, convictions, and journey.

Carlton Pearson wife

carlton pearson wife


Carlton Pearson, a well-known individual best recognized for his work as a gospel musician and former preacher, has fallen in love with Marie Gauthier. Their tale is highlighted by a brief romance that started in the first few months of 1993.  When Marie sought a divorce in August 2015, their union might have ended. However, Marie and Carlton were able to mend their differences.

Pearson’s life has benefited greatly from Marie Gauthier, who has given him a new beginning and a new love story. Their quick chemistry and eventual marriage within a few months of meeting each other demonstrate how deeply they were connected. While Pearson’s path has included both music and spiritual investigation, his collaboration with Marie Gauthier brings a personal element that gives his life story a special depth.

Carlton Pearson Divorce

On August 25, 2015, Gina Marie Pearson filed for divorce. On May 19, 2016, Mrs. Gina Pearson revoked her divorce petition before it reached a conclusion.


Carlton Pearson Children

Gina Marie Gauthier and Carlton were fortunate to welcome into their lives two beautiful children: a son they named Julian D’metrius Pearson, and a daughter they lovingly named Majeste Amour Pearson.

carlton pearson kids

Carlton Pearson Education

The singer’s scholastic history indicates that he first went to a local high school in his hometown. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He double-majored in Biblical Literature/English Bible and Theology while a student at the university. On the university’s board of regents, he served for more than 15 years.

Does Carlton Pearson still have a church?

In 2000, the minister also ran a successful campaign for George W. Bush, and he was eventually invited to the White House. Television viewers enjoyed Pearson’s program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. In Tulsa, he also served as the conference’s host. The preacher also conducted two-day revivals across the country as a traveling evangelist. Additionally, he gave numerous upcoming singers and pastors visibility on a national and international scale. In November 2006, he received United Church of Christ ministerial ordination.

In June 2008, the New Dimensions Worship Center moved to the All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa. In addition, he has written several books and pamphlets. In response to his current sense of calling to preach the “Gospel of Inclusion,” he penned the highly regarded book Gospel Of Inclusion, which was released by Simon & Schuster.

The book emphasizes the value of intercultural communication and respect for all world religions. It examines the exclusivism of the Christian church in the context of what Jesus said about God, suggesting that this is more significant than what the church says about Jesus.

The Strenght of the Human Spirit

In the end, Carlton Pearson’s emotional journey teaches us about the strength of the human spirit. It reminds us that even in the face of adversity, we have the capacity to stand firm in our beliefs and continue to spread love and compassion.

So, as we reflect on the life and experiences of Carlton Pearson, let us not only admire his courage but also draw inspiration from his story. It is a story that challenges us to be more inclusive, more accepting, and more compassionate in our own lives.

In conclusion, Carlton Pearson’s emotional journey is a testament to the power of belief and the resilience of the human spirit. It reminds us that sometimes, the most profound transformations occur when we have the courage to question the status quo and embrace a message of love and inclusion.

Carlton Pearson Media

Pearson was quite famous in the media, and that was because of his new thoughts. The media first covered his life’s story on the topic of heresy.

Nevertheless, one of his most noteworthy statement had caused a dispute amongst many. In 2010 September, Pearson on a show of CNN anchored by Kyra Phillips was discussing a very sensitive issue regarding gay rumors. During that show, he stated controversial stuff.

In addition to having stopped believing the concept of hell, he has a rather weird approach toward homosexuality and homosexuals. In the interview with CNN, to protect the image of another fellow bishop, Eddie Long, he made a statement that had caused a rather uproaring amongst the people.

Though Long had been accused of acts of sexual misconduct, Pearson’s support towards him is rather striking and disturbing.

Despite allegations of sexual misbehavior against Long, Pearson’s support for him is really startling and unsettling.


In the tumultuous landscape of faith and spirituality, Carlton Pearson stands as a beacon of courage and conviction. His willingness to challenge established norms and embrace a message of universal love showcases the capacity of the human heart to evolve and expand.


Q1: What led Carlton Pearson to question traditional Christian beliefs?
Carlton Pearson’s journey of questioning traditional Christian beliefs was sparked by what he described as a divine revelation, leading him to preach a message of inclusivity and universal salvation.

Q2: How did Pearson’s new beliefs affect his career as a preacher?
Pearson’s new beliefs led to his expulsion from the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and a significant backlash from his religious community, causing a decline in his career as a preacher.

Q3: What is the central message of Carlton Pearson’s teachings?
Carlton Pearson’s central message revolves around the idea of God’s universal love and the belief in the ultimate salvation of all souls, challenging the concept of hell as eternal damnation.

Q4: How did Carlton Pearson rebuild his ministry after facing criticism and isolation?
Pearson founded the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center and attracted a more inclusive congregation by continuing to preach his message of inclusion and universal salvation.

Q5: What is the enduring legacy of Carlton Pearson’s story?
Carlton Pearson’s story serves as a testament to the power of individual conviction and the capacity for change, inspiring discussions about tolerance, acceptance, and the quest for spiritual truth.

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